RSS Feeds by Subjects for New Books

What is it?

Based on the New Books program by Michael Doran at UTA and an idea from Andrew Brown at Swansea University, this script was cobbled together to deliver RSS feeds to users by subject based on Library of Congress classification codes. You can see it in action at or


  1. Download and untar new_books_subjects.tar.gz or unzip
  2. Inside will be 2 files: new_books_subjects.cgi and new_books_subjects.html. Copy new_books_subjects.cgi to the same place where newBooks.cgi resides (most likely /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/htdocs/vwebv/)
  3. Change the permissions to 755 (rwxr-xr-x)
  4. Open new_books_subjects.cgi in a code editor
    • Check the perl path at the very top of the script
    • Edit the information between Configuration and End Configuration to customize the script to your site
  5. Copy new_books_subjects.html to a server or directory that can deliver HTML pages, for example /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/htdocs/
  6. Open new_books_subjects.html in a text editor. Find and replace all "" with your.library.domain. (You can leave it if you like, but I can guarantee that our new books will not be the same as your new books. ;-)
  7. Open a web browser and direct it to your new_books_subjects.html. If you put it in /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/htdocs/, the address will be http://your.library.domain/new_books_subjects.html
  8. Click a link to open the RSS feed in your web browser or feed-reader, depending on your setup.

How It Works

The script simply matches the first part of the call number(s). You can get as detailed as you like by specifying call numbers or by calling multiple call numbers.

Example URLs to access a feed:
Last modified: June 18, 2009.
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